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Vag JB4 Upgrade kit

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  • £125.00

Upgrades your existing BMS Stage1 to a EA888 JB4 BETA system. The JB4 BETA features CANbus connectivity for more advanced tuning, direct AFR control, advanced safety systems for boost, air/fuel ratio, fuel trims, and engine knock, boost mapping by gear for improved traction, integrated water/meth control, and much more.

This JB4 requires exclusive OBDII/CANbus access while tuning is enabled and is not compatible with various CANbus enabled boost gauges or 3rd party devices that also require OBDII/CANbus. We highly recommend the purchase of aour USB data cable or Bluetooth module to get the most out of your JB4. 

This upgrade kit is for RHD cars for both the Rev1 and Rev2 Jb1 units. Select the correct version in the variants box when ordering. Please see the product images to determine if your kit is a Rev1 or Rev2

This product does not require you to send the JB1 board back for exchange. No exchange option is available for orders via Burger Tuning dealers. 

Please note there is currently no stock available for either version, we expect to start shipping these kits in January 2017.