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F Series Burger Motorsport Replacement Intercooler

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The BMS N55 replacement intercooler delivers better cooling, more power to the wheels, and allows you to hold that power longer during extended runs. With a larger core and more surface area than stock your intercooler pressure drop is reduced and cooling dramatically improved. Resulting in peak power gains of around 10whp and during longer pulls and back to back runs as much as 20-30whp over the factory intercooler.  

These intercoolers are a direct replacement for your factory intercooler and fully reversible. All required hardware is included. They can be installed very easily without removing the front bumper.

F chassis dimensions 21" x 6" first step x 2.5" 2nd step x 5"

F Chassis Applications:

BMW 1 Series
• 2012+ N55 BMW F20 M135i

BMW 2 Series
• 2014+ N55 N20 BMW F22/F23 228i, M235i

• 2016+ F87 M2

BMW 3 Series
• 2012+ N55 N20 N26 BMW F30 F31 320i, 328i, 335i/xi

BMW 4 Series
• 2014+ F32 N55 N20 N26 Coupe 428i, 435i / 435xi